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October 2012 Newsletter

Nov2011-Jan2012 Newsletter

ASM-AFS Newsletter SEP-OCT 2011

2009 October Newsletter

2009 August Newsletter

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September 2016 Technical Meeting

ASM Materials Course - Heat Treatment of Steels
More information about the Heat Treatment of Steels course.

ASM Material Camp 2016
More information about 2016 ASM Materials Camp.

April 2016 ASM-AFS Meeting
Details about the ASM - AFS and SME Joint Technical Meeting

ASM Materials Course - Met for Non-Met
Flyer for the Met for Non-Met Course for 2016.

February 2016 Meeting
More information for the February 2016 meeting.

January 2016 Meeting
Cemposit Materials - January 11, 2016

September 2016 Technical Meeting
Topic: Where is My Fracking Sand? Presenter: Dave Jablonski, Badger Mining Corporation

March Chapter Meeting Location
Attached is the location of the March 2015 Meeting and Parking Deck.

ASM Material Camp 2015
More information about materials camp for 2015.

October ASM/AFS/SME Technical Meeting

ASM/AFS September Technical Meeting
Topic: Forecast & Trends: Continued Revitalization of U.S. Metalcasting Speaker: Leo J. Baran, Director of Membership Services, AFS Date: Monday, Sept. 08, 2014

JAN 2014 tech meeting

Jan 2014 meeting

Steel casting new technology
NOV tech meeting

October 21 2013 technical meeting
Development and Properties of a High Performance Structural Steel

ASQ - Special Technical Meeting

November 2012 Flyer

October 2012 Meeting

Met for Non-Met Flyer Fall 2012

Sep 2012 Meeting

Spring 2012 Failure Analysis Class

2012 Heat Treatment of Steels Flyer

Met for Non-Met Flyer Fall 2011

2009 ASM AFS Holiday Party Poster

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2009-10 ASM-AFS Yearbook

2008-09 ASM Yearbook


2014 Materials Camp

2013 Materials Camp Info.pdf

2013 Materials Camp Application.doc

2013 Materials Camp Application.pdf

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Julia Bjerke (2014)

Gerald Hoefft Scholarship (2012)

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ASM-AFS Chapter

ASM-AFS Chapter Logos

ASM Letterhead

ASM-AFS Letterhead

ASM By-Laws May 2004


Deposit Form 2011

Disbursement Form 2011

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Other Documents

2015 Deposit Form

2015 Disbursement Form

20090709 Tech Center Map

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