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     Calendar Details - Quad City Hocket Night

Quad City Hocket Night

Date: 11/9/2012
4:45 PM - 9:30 PM

You and your guests are invited to "Hockey Night 2012" on Friday, 9 November (register by 11/2/12)  {sponsored by ASM International} .
The great value of $25 per person includes dinner includes dinner (Johnny's Italian Steakhouse), hockey ticket (Mallards), educational speakers and prizes.  Refer to the attachment or link for registration and event information(http://www.qcesc.org/HockeyNight.htm) .
It is an outstanding setting for an office, society, family meeting or just a time to be with your special guest ... it is an open invitation.
Gain educational credits, while having fun !!  Our event speaker, Nicole Martin-Cline explore strategies to add value to your professional and personal skill sets.
Also, promote your organization by donating promotional products / prizes / gifts  ...or sponsor the event.  Contributions will support the academic outreach for students .... by contributing to scholarships and engineering educational programs.
Hope to see you .... come join the event ..... get ready for a good time !!!

More information: Hockey Night Registration and Info

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